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If you're looking for a water birth pool we're uniquely qualified to be of service

We helped pioneer the use of water for labour & birth by designing the water birth pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.

Since 1987 we’ve supplied 1,000’s of pools to hospitals around the world and worked closely with end-users & manufacturers to improve our capabilities.

This unrivalled wealth of experience enables us to produce water birth pools that are world-renown for superior performance, value & safety.

We developed evidence based, ergonomic design principles to produce pools that provide the optimum environment for labour & birth in water.

They provide midwives and mothers with unparalleled comfort, safety & support.

Active Birth Pools are hand-made to order by highly skilled craftsmen in England.

They are fabricated in FICORE®, a composite resin that’s far superior to other materials.

”Your pools have revolutionised  birth”

Caitlin Wilson - Senior NHS Midwife
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