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Active Birth Pools America Open for Business

Blog: 18.05.2017

We are excited to announce the Active Birth Pool family is growing to include the United States and Canada.

Tim & Amy Johnson-Grass, a husband-wife team, are now the Active Birth Pools North American distributors.

They first became acquainted with Active Birth Pools when they were looking to replace the water birth pools in their birth center, Health Foundations Family Health & Birth Center, in St Paul Minnesota.

Like so many other birth centers, they installed the deepest drop-in bath tubs they could find when designing their birth suites.

It didn’t take long for them to realize the mistake and begin searching for a better alternative. Standard bath tubs available on the US market were simply insufficient in regard to safety, size, water depth, and quality of materials.

The few options that were available and marketed as birth pools had the same design and safety issues as most standard acrylic and fiberglass bath tubs.

However, their latest search uncovered Active Birth Pools and they knew instantly that all of their needs would be met with the Venus Birth Pool.

After the first pool was installed in one of the two birthing suites, clients of Health Foundations Birth Center were requesting the room with the new, Active Birth Pool almost exclusively.

Prospective clients touring the birth center commented on the birth pools and were a draw for women interested in laboring or delivering in water.

The new Venus Birth Pools have become the focal point of their birthing suites and are helping attract clients into their center.

Their midwives and nurses have overwhelmingly applauded the birth pool’s design and safety.

They report the knee space, water depth, light, the wide rim and the seat in the pool as outstanding improvements over the original tubs, enhancing their ability to effectively provide care and drastically improve the clients experience.

Tim manages Health Foundations Birth Center operations, human resources and their facility.

With a background in finish carpentry and a strong understanding of building products combined with the experience of co-owning and operating a free-standing birth center.

Tim brings a unique perspective that allows him to understand not only the mechanics of the birth pools themselves but how they best can be installed and fit in birthing environments whether it be in a hospital or free-standing birth center setting.

Amy has been a pioneer in the Minnesota birth community, opening the first free-standing Birth Center in the Twin Cities.

She manages the clinical and administrative aspects of Health Foundations Birth Center, is a Certified Professional Midwife, a licensed nutritionist and a Naturopathic Doctor.

She is currently serving as the President of the American Association of Birth Centers.

She works to further midwifery led care in birth centers, is an advocate of water birth and has a first-hand understanding of how birth pool design can positively influence outcomes and birth experiences.

If you are in North America and are interested in learning more about Active Birth Pools and how they would enhance your birthing suites, please contact us at tim@activebirthpoolsusa.com or amy@activebirthpoolsusa.com.


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