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Active Birth Pools optimise the possibility of physiological labour and natural birth

Blog: 26.05.2016

My experience as co-director of the Active Birth Centre with Janet Balaskas has informed and guided the design of my pools to optimise the mother’s chance of having a physiological labour and natural birth.

Venus Water Birth Pool Squat

Active Birth Pools help encourage a physiogical labour to unfold giving mothers the space, depth and support to benefit fully from the upright postures conducive to natural birth.

On land women have to contend with the force of gravity that limits their ability to assume upright postures especially as labour progresses and it becomes too difficult to maintain these positions for lengths of time.

banho parto
The buoyancy of water supports the mother allowing her to explore the full range of upright positions with ease and move with renewed energy in ways that were not possible on land.

Active Birth Pools enable mothers to take maximum advantage of the benefits that immersion in water offers to help increase the likelihood of a natural birth.

Taking the role of the partner into account

The experience of the partner has been taken into account by enabling him to be comfortable and relaxed around the pool as he supports the mother.

parto na agua
Active Birth Pools encourage and enable partners to be close to the mother to support her when the going gets tough and be there to share intimate moments.

Remarkably comfortable for midwives to work with

One of the primary lessons I learned from the health service ergonomist concerned the physical dynamic of midwives as they interacted with mothers in the pool.

She showed me how the skirting panel becomes an obstacle that creates distance in-between midwives and mothers.

Midwives splay their legs and bend over to be close to the mother resulting in lower back and other associated aches.


As you can see from the photo above the rim of our pools flows seamlessly over the bullnose shaped edge and down to the floor encompassing the form of the pool to provide plenty of room for midwives to sit with their legs parallel underneath.

Comfortably seated with her arms resting on the extra-wide rim the midwife is able to look after the mother without strain or risk of injury.

Meadow-Birth-Centre-Venus-Birth-Pool Feature

Superior materials optimise performance to provide exceptional service and value

Choice of material is fundamental to the long-term success and life cycle value of a water birth pool.

Active Birth Pools are handmade and custom built to order in one seamless piece of Ficore® composite, a proprietary material of extra-ordinary properties that was developed to minimise problems associated with other materials.

active birth pool

An Active Birth Pool manufactured in Ficore meets or exceeds all relevant regulations and will withstand the rigours of heavy hospital use and disinfection with caustic chemicals.

Ficore is a composite of eight different elements chemically fused during manufacturing and then heat cured at high temperature to create a material that is light in weight but ‘heavy’ in performance.

1. The surface of Ficore is isophthalic neo-pentyl-glycol that is:

a) 50% harder (stronger) than acrylic and fiberglass – materials other birth pools are made from.

b) Able to withstand both continuous heat or hot water of 80 degrees Celsius/176 Fahrenheit, and thermal shock of alternating hot and cold water.

c) Extremely smooth, tactile and warm to the touch.

d) Resistant to most chemicals including acid or alkaline solutions (e.g. lime scale remover) which neither acrylic nor vitreous enamel can withstand.

e) Less slippery than acrylic or fibreglass. Mothers experience better traction and are safeguarded from injury resulting from slipping or falling.

роды в воде

2. Due to Ficore’s high insulation factor Active Birth Pools maintain water temperature 6 x longer than acrylic baths and 12 x longer than vitreous enameled baths.

3. Ficore has an extremely high degree of structural integrity.  It is none flexing, and will not buckle, bow, or change shape under pressure.

4. It will not chip as will vitreous enamel.

5. It is fully repairable.

6. While fibreglass or acrylic birth pools carry only a 1 – 2 year guarantee, we guarantee Active Birth Pools manufactured in Ficore for 20 years.

active labour and birth tub

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