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BIG Savings on the Active Birth Bed, Beanbag & Mat

Blog: 18.10.2017

We know how midwives yearn to create better birthing environments.

We also know how restrictive budgets are preventing them from doing this.

We’d like to help.

For a limited time only we’re offering the Active Birth Bed, Beanbag & Mat at incredibly low prices.

The provision of  these low-cost, easy to use items transforms the birthing environment.

Mothers can move freely and benefit from the upright postures most beneficial to labour and birth.

The Active Birth Beanbag and Mat are manufactured to the highest standards to meet Health & Safety and Infection Control standards and provide years of service.

Regarded as the benchmark standard the beanbag and mat are high-impact, low cost way to help create a better birthing environment.


For a limited time only we are offering:

  • The Active Birth Mat & Beanbag for just £425.00, a savings of £150.00!
  • The extra-ordinary Active Birth Bed for just £2,500.00, a savings of £1,295.00!

There are a limited number of beds on offer so please get in touch soon if you’d like one.

Please note: prices include packing & delivery, but are exclusive of VAT

Offer ends December 31st, 2017.






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