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Breaking News: First glimpse of Active Birth Pool in new Bridget Jones Has A Baby trailer!

Blog: 29.06.2016

Under wraps for over 8 months I can now finally reveal that the Active Birth Pool is prominently featured in the new Bridget Jones Film, Bridget Jones’s Baby that is due for release in September.


Having researched the market the film’s set designers contacted us to enquire if we could supply an Active Birth Pool, Birth Stool, Beanbag and Floor Mat to create a delivery room for Bridget’s birth.

They said that they found the Active Birth Pool the most beautiful and stylish on the market and felt that contemporary design fit the image they wanted to project.

Naturally, we were delighted to be of service!

Needless to say we are very excited about this as it is not only great promotion for Active Birth Pools but, also promotes the “low tech” model of care provided by birth centres and midwifery led units.


To view the trailer please click here.

There is a brief glimpse of the pool about 2:25 minutes in.




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