We've supplied thousands of water birth pools to hospitals over the past 30 years

Michel Odent

Obstetrician, author & water birth pioneer ,

When asked about the history of birthing pools in hospitals, I mention two key events: 1) In the 1970s when I bought a deep inflatable blue paddling pool and found a convenient space in the maternity unit to install it. 2) The day when Keith Brainin realised that special bath tubs might be designed and commercialized to meet the needs of labouring women.

Sheena Byrom OBE

Midwife Speaker Author , Honorary Fellow - RCM, Honorary Doctorate - Bournemouth University

‘Most of the environments I see where women use water for labour & birth have Active Birth Pools.

Not only are they gloriously spacious & inviting, they are made to the highest specifications & considerations to maximise safety.

In short, they are second to none!’

K. Wilkie

Midwife & Nurse , NHS Hospital

I can't tell you how much your pools have revolutionised birth.

Dr. Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho

NIHR Research Fellow , Dr. Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho, Lecturer in Midwifery

'I’ve used the Active Birth pools for 15 years and I have always found them really beautiful, technically perfect & easy to use.

I love the simplicity of the lines that makes cleaning & disinfecting easy.

I can’t imagine a birth centre without an active birth pool!'

C. Wilson

Head Midwife , Dewsbury District Hospital

The pools are such a wonderful feature- they are a hit with the staff--the blue tooth is a real wow factor! all of our babies so far have been born in them!

A. Bentley

NHS Midwife ,

Brilliant, like the wide rim so mums can sit on the side and swivel their legs around to get in and out, much safer.

Indie Kaur

Consultant Midwife , Royal London Hospital

The bed is exactly what is required for birth centres.

It is fit for purpose and looks amazing too.

Consultant Midwife

, Greenwich Birth Centre

Thank you for the awesome pools. My one regret is not trying out one myself before we opened the birth centre! Many thanks

Bunty Rowe

Midwife , Gloucestershire Hospitals

It looks absolutely fantastic! Looks so comfortable and useful. Especially for those long labours where women need support for the second stage.

Building Better Healthcare Magazine

November 2015 ,

Three state-of-the-art water birth pools have been used to create the ‘wow’ factor in a new birthing unit at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Mothers can adjust the colour of lighting in the pools and choose music to play on the integral bluetooth sound system. Meadow Birth Centre has been designed to look and feel homely, colourful and bright, helping everyone involved to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.


Specialist Midwife , Derby

Keith.. Just to say congratulations on the popularity of your pools....they look great and you promote them well, using professional input and evidence with pt use as good background for their place in normal childbirth...enjoy seeing your posts.

Catherine Verrecchia

Sage-femme coordinatrice , Maternité et pédiatrie Site de Saint Julien en Genevois

I saw the pool today and I was delighted!

It is bigger than I expected!

Jo Talbot

Chorley & Preston Birth Centre Manager , Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

We love your active birth pools, so much so we have one in every room on our birth centre

A. Edwards

, Active Birth Teacher

Beautiful pools and wonderful to see the history of their development.

Thank you for all you have done and designed for women, their babies and partners over the last 30yrs to make birth more comfortable and peaceful.


David Turnbull

Electrical Technician , UHCW Coventry

I would just like to say thanks for your positive, friendly and professional response to my request, if all suppliers had the same level of aftercare my job would be so much easier.

Dr. Tracey Cooper

Consultant Midwife - Normal Midwifery , Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Let me introduce you to Keith Brainin who provided us with our princess pools in both of our birth centres. His pools are brilliant and the service that he provides is excellent.

Francois Verhees

Algemeen Directeur/CEO , Medical Dynamics

Seeing all the promotional material you have and the quality it shows, we’ve got the feeling that we should take your productline into The BeNeLux on a exclusive base.

Gulf News

, Al Zahra Hospital – Dubai

Equipped with a cutting-edge technology including built in Bluetooth Sound and Multi-colour lighting the active birth pool helps create the ideal atmosphere for natural birth.

Karen Werrbach MSN, RNC-OB, NEA-BC

Director , Women's Health Institute Rush-Copley Medical Center

You clearly have a tub that is far superior to all the tubs we have found in the US--not only for patient comfort, but also for provider convenience.

The Active Birth Pool would set Rush-Copley above all the other hospitals in the area.

H. Young

Senior Midwife , Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

I have used Active Birth Pools pool a lot in my career. They allow real flexibility for women to change position.

Building Better Healthcare Awards

, Building Better Healthcare Awards

The pinnacle of water birth pool design and development. An incomparable combination of design, materials & manufacturing.

Jan Butler

Consultant Midwife, SoM , Rosie Hospital, Robinson Way, Cambridge

Thank you Keith...

Our new Venus Pool looks stunning

The feedback has been good…

, Hampshire Hospitals

The feedback has been good thank you, its been very useful to try it out. I am planning to purchase some mats / bean bags and possibly a stool and wanted to get prices so I can plan my budget.

Vicky Babbe

, Friends of Loveridge – Guernsey

That's fantastic Keith! Thank you so much for all your help and attention on this! I am very impressed with your company's customer service.

Yedudi Gordon

Author and Consultant Gynaecologist ,

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith Brainin since 1985. His expertise in birth pools is unparalleled. He is professional to work with and the high standard of the birth pools has resulted in them withstanding the test of time and many births.

Sheena Byrom

Honorary Fellow - RCM , Honorary Doctorate - Bournemouth University , OBE Midwife Speaker Author

I was surprised and impressed with this bed - and feel it's much more than a bed!

The beautifully crafted furniture is soft to touch yet strong and secure. Perfect for kneeling and squatting, there is room for partners and supporters too, and the bed is low and accessible.

I love it!


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