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Helping midwives create Better Birthing Environments

Blog: 12.01.2017

Our mission is to help midwives create Better Birthing Environments.

By this we mean environments that encourage, enable and facilitate physiological labour & non-medicalised birth.



At the heart of a Better Birthing Environment is the water birth pool.

Nothing is as effective in helping mothers cope with pain in labour.


Active Birth Pools are regarded as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of water birth pools for good reason:

  • Our experience over the past 30 years has given us a unique understanding of the needs of mothers & midwives and the regulations that hospitals must adhere to.
  • We’ve combined superior materials and bespoke manufacturing techniques to create and deliver innovative & intelligent solutions for maternity hospitals, birth centres & midwifery led units.




Like Steve Jobs of Apple – we believe that it takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.

We have achieved success by caring about every detail and keeping things simple, safe and effective.

Moving on from the pool we considered the immediate surroundings and developed a suite of furnishings that contribute to the creation of a Better Birthing Environment.




  • The Active Birth Bed is set to revolutionise maternity care by providing Birth Centres and MLU’s with the perfect solution for their needs.
  • The specially adapted Saddle Seat is supremely comfortable and supportive.
  • The Labour & Birth Stool has proven itself a highly versatile & utilitarian aid.
  • The Beanbag & Floor Mat are a low cost, high impact way to transform the birthing environment.



Better Birthing Environments have been proven to significantly increase the likelihood of physiological labour & non-medicalised birth, give midwives greater job satisfaction, optimise resources and save money.



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