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Blog: 7.02.2017

We’ve utilised a blend of ergonomic and evidence based design principles and applied them to the dynamic of  birth to optimise the experience for mothers & midwives.

Ergonomics takes into account the relationship between people and the products that they use to maximise productivity and increase safety & comfort.

Evidence-Based Design relies on the use of quantitative and qualitative research to design products that enhance the quality of care and positively affect the experience of the users.

On land women have to contend with the force of gravity that limits their ability to assume upright postures especially as labour progresses and it becomes too difficult to maintain these positions for long.

The buoyancy of water supports the mother allowing her to explore the full range of upright positions with ease and move with renewed energy in ways that were not possible on land.

Active Birth Pools help encourage a physiogical labour by giving mothers the space, depth & support to fully benefit from the postures proven most conducive to natural birth.

Mothers experience maximum advantage of the benefits that water offers to help increase the likelihood of a physiological labour.

Active Birth Pools ergonomic design takes into account:

  1. The needs of the mother.  The dynamic between her and the pool as she moves and explores the  positions that are most comfortable and beneficial.
  2. The comfort and safety of the midwife and her ability to interact with the mother.
  3. The partner’s ability to fulfil his role and support the mother by the pool in comfort.
  4. Provision for evacuations and a safe means for mothers to enter and leave the pool.
In 1995 I met with health service ergonomist Sue Hignett to discuss ways my water birth pools could be improved to better serve the needs of mothers and midwives.
This lead to the ground-breaking innovations in design, materials & manufacture that have culminated in todays range of Active Birth Pools.

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