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Introducing FICORE® – the amazing material that’s key to the success of our water birth pools

Blog: 24.07.2017

It’s important to note that many of the characteristics of our water birth pools would simply be impossible to achieve without the use of our proprietary composite, FICORE®.

The fabric from which a water birth pool is made matters considerably, not only aesthetically but in terms of its potential for design, and fundamental characteristics such as comfort, safety, cleanliness and durability.

We developed FICORE® (pronounced F-EYE- CORE), over 25 years ago.

Crucially, it is stronger and more rigid than any other material used in the production of water birth pools.

It retains heat efficiently, is not heavy nor liable to chip.

A cross section of FICORE® composite

FICORE® is a solid composite, not a laminate or bonding, which means its various components are fused together in the manufacturing process.

It will therefore not delaminate nor come apart, and it affords a number of significant advantages when compared to standard  materials.


Design benefits:

  • Because of its integral strength, birth pools made from FICORE® need no metal or wooden reinforcements and no chassis. They will not shift, creak or ‘give’.
  • FICORE® permits more sharply defined details and tighter angles.
  • Water birth pools fabricated in FICORE® can be supplied in any colour or combination of colours.

Functional benefits:

  • The insulating qualities of FICORE® keep the water hot over six times longer than acrylic and over twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal.
  • Its tactile surface always remains warm to the touch.
  • FICORE® is immensely strong and resilient, but not heavy.
  • It requires no framework to assemble or install.


  • The hard surface of FICORE® means that it can easily be kept clean of normal dirt and grease. Any build-up of hard water stains and soiling can, if necessary, be wiped clean with a soft, wet, warm cloth and a cleaning agent such as Cif or Ecover.
  • It is resistant to most chemicals – whether acid or alkaline.
  • It is more impervious to damage than most other materials. However, if it is damaged, it can be completely repaired as new – unlike many alternative materials.
  • It is guaranteed for 20 years.






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