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Key to the success of our water birth pools

Blog: 7.02.2017

The broad, round wrap-around rim is a distinctive feature of our pools.

This unique feature together with concave surround that flows down, under the rim makes the critical difference between our pools and others on the market.

The combination of these features provides a multitude of benefits & safeguards for mothers & midwives.

This innovative approach to the design is only made possible because of the remarkable qualities of Ficore® – the proprietary material we fabricated in.

The wrap-around rim provides mothers with amazing support.

With firm, solid support at their finger tips, mothers can benefit from postures that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to assume.

Active Birth Pools are designed with midwives firmly in mind.

Our pools have skirting panels that hug the form of the pool & flow down to the floor in one seamless piece.

Seated  with her legs tucked well under the pool and arms resting on the wide rim the midwife attends the mother in comfort.





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