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Long-term life cycle value guaranteed

Blog: 20.11.2016

Active Birth Pools have a life expectancy of over 25 years.

They’re backed by a 20 year guarantee.


Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce famously said:

“The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten”

This is the way it is with Active Birth Pools  – long term service of the highest order.

1992 – Royal Berkshire Hospital


2017 Pinderfields, Yorkshire

Active Birth Pools represent extra-ordinary, all-around, long-term life cycle value.

Value not just in economic terms, but in quality of service provided and results achieved.

Peace of mind

Buyers and end users will have peace of mind knowing that they have purchased the safest water birth pool on the market.

  • Risk of infection is negated
  • Mothers and midwives are safeguarded from injury
  • Rated No. 1 for Health & Safety




Mothers who labour in Active Birth Pools are more likely to experience a physiological labour & natural birth.

The application of physiological design principles results in innovative water birth pools that dynamically encourage and enable mothers to move freely & derive maximum benefit from the water.

Higher levels of satisfaction

Midwives using our pools report better results and higher levels of job satisfaction.

They are particularly impressed with how comfortable our pools are to work with and how every need has been catered for.

Health & Safety appreciate the fact that we make their job easy by resolving all safety, infection control and manual handling issues.



Consideration of the whole life cycle cost

The decision to purchase a water birth pool requires diligent consideration in accordance with hospital’s strategy of attaining best over-all value for goods and services.

Active Birth Pools not only provide a far superior water birth facility, but importantly offer long-term savings and exceptional value as they outlast and outperform cheaper alternatives.












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