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Looking for birth mats & beanbags for your maternity unit?

Blog: 13.06.2017

As many of you know the NCT shop closed leaving many midwives wondering where they will obtain their beanbags and floor mats from.

Don’t worry help is at hand…

Over the past 15 years we’ve supplied Beanbags and Birth Mats to maternity units to help them transform their environment to encourage physiological labour & active birth.

Their reputation for quality, usability and durability is well established.

In fact, prior to their decision to close the shop the NCT were so impressed with the quality of our mats & beanbags that they were going to start stocking them in place of the ones they had been selling.

active-birth-beanbag-TB-12There is a significant difference between our mats and beanbags and others on the market that’s obvious if you compare them side-by-side.

For starters we use the highest medical grade waterproof fabric available and seal all the seams to ensure that infection control standards are met and maintained.

We recently upgraded the fabric to conform to the new regulations that require cleaning with 10,000ppm hypochlorite.

For our mats we use Plastazote, a medical grade foam that provides firm support while standing or squatting yet is soft enough to provide cushioning from cold, hard hospital floors when sitting or kneeling.


Active Birth Mat

Length: 1500mm Width: 1000mm  Height: 20mm  Weight: .98kg

Other sizes available – please enquire.

Active Birth Beanbag

X-Large: Height: 900mm   Diameter: 800mm    Weight: 4.48kg

Large: (for use with Active Birth Bed): Height: 600mm   Diameter: 680mm    Weight: 3kg



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