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New Active Birth Bed hailed a great success at the Royal London Hospital

Blog: 15.09.2016

I went to the new birth centre at the Royal London Hospital yesterday to showcase the new “Active Birth Bed”.


Sheena Byrom, Fiona Palumbo, Keith Brainin & Indie Kaur with the Active Birth Bed at the Royal London Hospital’s new Birth Centre

The midwives who kindly offered to trial the bed were ecstatic and said that it was perfect for their needs.

Sheena Byrom said,

‘I was surprised and impressed with this bed – and feel it’s much more than a bed!

The beautifully crafted furniture is soft to touch yet strong and secure.

Perfect for kneeling and squatting, there is room for partners and supporters too, and the bed is low and accessible.  

I love it!’  


The midwives were also impressed with the  Active Birth Pool and commented on the ergonomic design and fabulously smooth finish.


I had intended to just assemble and demonstrate the bed and other Active Birth furnishings but when Sheena Byrom and the midwifery team arrived all that changed.

They were so enthusiastic that before long the phones came out, photos were taken and tweets tweeted.

So, in effect the Active Birth Bed has now been launched!


Full details of the bed and other Active Birth furnishings will be on our new website scheduled for launch in about a months time.

In the meantime…

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more info.




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