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Optimised for better results

Blog: 16.05.2017
Active Birth Pools are optimised for better results.

By this we mean greater likelihood of non-medicalised birth and well-being of midwives.

To achieve this we’ve developed a highly specialised approach we refer to as ‘Physiological Design’.

  • Physiological design embraces ergonomic and evidence based design, and applies them to the dynamics of labour to optimise outcomes.
  • Ergonomics takes into account the relationship between people and the products that they use to maximise productivity and increase safety & comfort.
  • Evidence-Based Design relies on research to design products that enhance the quality of care and positively affect results.

Simply put – form follows function.


Many women do not have the fitness or stamina to maintain upright postures for lengths of time.

The transition from the land to water helps revive and energise the mother giving her a new lease on life and sense of purpose.

The buoyancy of water supports the mother reducing her relative weight by approx. 33% (Archimedes Principle) allowing her to easily explore the full range of beneficial upright positions in comfort and move in ways that were not possible on land.

The calming, relaxing effect of the warm water promotes the flow of oxytocin, a powerful hormone that plays a huge role in childbirth, causing the uterus to contract and triggering the ‘fetal ejection reflex’.

Active Birth Pools give mothers complete freedom of movement.

They find comfort and support as they move to find, and be supported in the positions most comfortable & beneficial for a physiological labour.

They are actively in charge and do not have their position dictated to them by the pool.


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