A picture is worth a thousand words….

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 17.01.2017

Here are two images of Active Birth Pools taken 25 years apart :



The photo at the top shows the midwives at the Royal Berkshire Hospital gathered around their pool 25 years after it was installed.

The 2nd photo shows the midwives in the Birth Centre @ Pinderfield’s Hospital gathered around their new Venus Birth Pool.

Two things strike me immediately:

  1. The birth pool at the Royal Berkshire Hospital still looks great and appears to have many years of life left in it.
  2. The evolution of design and manufacture over the past 25 years.

I have always said that Active Birth Pools last for decades and offer a long-term life cycle value – here’s proof!

Our pools back then were made of acrylic with a fibreglass surround and DO NOT compare in quality with our new pools made out of a solid, seamless piece of Ficore® composite.

You can plainly see how much more comfortable the midwives are around the new Venus Pool.

The extra-wide rim, soft curves and flowing cut-away surround makes our new pools the most comfortable and supportive available.










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