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Active Birth Bed

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1 . Fabric

Covered in a seamless piece of specially developed waterproof fabric.

2 . Wheels

Hospital grade “easy move” lockable castor wheels.

3 . Framework

Solid steel roll-bar for mothers to hang or lean on for support.

4 . Rounded corners

Broad & soft for comfort and ease of movement.

5 . Fabrication

Seamless, one-piece, wrap around fabrication results highest standards of hygiene.

6 . Mattress

Provides firm support for upright postures and comfort when lying down.

I was surprised and impressed with this bed - and feel it's much more than a bed! The beautifully crafted furniture is soft to touch yet strong and secure. Perfect for kneeling and squatting, there is room for partners and supporters too, and the bed is low and accessible. I love it!
OBE Midwife Speaker Author

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