Active Birth Pools

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Active Birth Pool

1840 x 1650 x 750, Ficore® composite, 20 yr. guarantee request a quote
1 . Material

Fabricated in Ficore® composite, a material of superior quality unique to Active Birth Pools.

2 . Remote Control Sensors

Bluetooth Sound & Multi-colour lighting enable the mother to personalise the ambiance of the room.

3 . Labour Support Seat

Positions the mother to encourage optimal opening of the pelvis and birth canal.

4 . Safety Seat

Provides mothers with dynamic support in upright postures and ideal for monitoring & emergency evacuations.

5 . Extra - Wide Rim

The ultra-smooth surface of the wide rim make our pools a pleasure for midwives to work with.

6 . Bull - Nose Shape Edge

Provides a multiplicity of benefits and is key to the superiority and success of our pools.

7 . Seamless One - Piece Construction

Negates infection control risks resulting in No.1 Safety Rating

8 . Sculpted Skirting Panel

Hugs the form of the pool to enable midwives to work closely in comfort.

9 . Drainage Control Mechanism

Easy-turn dial that operates the pop up waste.

10 . Underwater Light

Clear and Multi-Colour LED lighting give midwives a clear view under the water and creates atmosphere.

11 . Hospital grade drainage system with pop-up waste

Bespoke high quality brass pop up waste operated by a control mounted on the rim.

12 . Recessed Handrails

Provides mothers with support for upright postures.

‘Most of the environments I see where women use water for labour & birth have Active Birth Pools. Not only are they gloriously spacious & inviting, they are made to the highest specifications & considerations to maximise safety. In short, they are second to none!’
Honorary Fellow - RCM, Honorary Doctorate - Bournemouth University

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