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K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 30.10.2017

NEW Venus Pool ready for action @ Peterhead Hospital

Optimised for ease of use, comfort & safety

Management says…

” We chose this pool because its specially designed for physiological birth and incredibly comfortable for midwives.

It’s deeper, has access on 3 sides, a seat, multicolor LED lighting and is just plain beautiful.”

Mothers say…

“Having birthed in both styles of pools (and loved both) I do have to say the new style has features I didn’t even know I was missing the first time! So exciting both rooms now have them!”

“That’s the one I want to birth in! I love the handles! That’s a NESSESITY.”

Midwives say…

“That tub looks amazing! Almost makes me want to have another baby just to try it out…”

“I attended many pool birth – these pools maximize maternal relaxation, offer better progress & shorter labor time for new Mothers. Try them!”


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