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The safest way to enter a pool?

Blog: 14.09.2017

What’s the safest way for a mother to enter a water birth pool?

There is a lot of confusion & misunderstanding about this simple matter.

Issues relating to Health and Safety, good practice and plain common sense must be considered.

Step units are commonly used but, they present a critical safety risks.



In a wet environment there is increased risk of slipping.

Climbing up steps, over the rim and down into the pool exposes mothers to unnecessary risks.

These units take up too much space, obstruct movement around the pool and are a trip hazard.

They are not safe, practical or necessary.


There’s a better way that’s far safer, simpler & more practical

The sturdy step unit, extra-wide rim and spacious seat make getting into our pools simple & safe.

  • Mothers simply sit on the wide rim & swivel into the pool.
  • They stay grounded, stable & SAFE.

Our step unit is extremely sturdy, compact & has a non-slip surface.

Once the mother is in the pool it can be used for kneeling on or moved out of the way.







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