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Sheila Kitzinger: Exploring birth movements in water

Blog: 21.02.2017

Sheila Kitzinger’s wonderful article gives us examples of the type and range of movements natural to labour and birth that mothers explore in water.

Sheila was a keen proponent of water birth.

She together with Ethel Burns was responsible for getting the first specially designed birth pool installed in an NHS Hospital – the John Radcliffe in 1990.

The buoyancy of the water and ergonomic design of the pool helps the mother benefit from and be supported in the positions in comfort.

The pool in the photos is an original Oval Portable Water Birth Pool circa 1987  – to my knowledge the first specially designed portable water birth pool ever produced.

You can see how the guiding principles of design that led to todays state-of-the-art Active Birth Pools we’re already firmly in place.

Please click here for a copy of Sheila’s article:


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