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Tutorial No. 112: Handrails & metalwork

Blog: 7.02.2017

Any metallic fitting attached to the pool presents risk.

Mothers & midwives can bump into them and injure themselves.

Surface mounted metalwork such as grab rails, taps and handles are an obstacle that comes between mother and midwife.


These fittings ALL present a serious infection control risk as the space between the surface of the pool and the fitting are perfect for bacteria.

Remember – bacteria are microscopic – even though the fitting may appear flush to the surface of the pool there is space for bacteria!

Even hardware such as screws etc. that are used to fix the metalwork to the pool have been found to be rich in bacteria.


Keep it simple – minimise metal work and fittings to ensure hygiene and prevent cross infection.



The handrails on our water birth pools provide firm support for the upright positions proven to be most conducive to physiological labour.

They are recessed into the profile of the rim, to avoid the possibility of mothers being injured by bumping into them.



Our handrails are made from medical grade stainless steel and completely sealed into the fabric of the pool.


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