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Tutorial No. 114: Engineering & build quality

Blog: 7.02.2017

Construction in Ficore® composite allows us to manufacture solid, seamless, one-piece water birth pools with sculpted, concave skirting panels that provide considerable structural and engineering advantages.


The weight of the pool is not only borne by the stainless steel feet, but are also supported by the wide flange on the inside of the skirting panel spreading the load evenly around the base of the pool.

Not only is point loading minimised, the solid one-piece construction makes the pools incredibly stable, sturdy and strong.

Our technical team has over 60 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing high-end baths and pools in Ficore.


They have applied their knowledge and expertise to help us create the most advanced range of water birth pools available.

They sourced the highest quality components, fittings and systems to equip our birth pools with.


When you examine an Active Birth Pool you’ll immediately notice the superior finish and signature design elements.

Look a little closer and the quality of the components such as the drainage system, the support structure that underpins the pool, the fittings on the access panel, the lighting system, handrails and metal work all become apparent.


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