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Tutorial No. 116: Safeguarding midwives

Blog: 7.02.2017

All other water birth pools have either a solid vertical surrounds or skirting panels like this…..exterior panel water birth bath-!

or are built  into structures like this…

drop in water birth tub bath

These present not only significant infection control issues but are incredibly uncomfortable for midwives to work with and therefore present unacceptable Health & Safety and Manual Handling issues.

These types of surround function as an obstacle pushing midwives away from the mother and forcing them to sit bent over with their legs apart or stand and lean over the pool.


One of the main complaints midwives attending water births have is that they suffer from back and neck pain.

Midwives are apt to spend hours by the pool.

Their’s is not a passive role – it can be very physical.

They need to be comfortable and supported to be able to fulfil their roles effectively without risk of injury.


Seated comfortably on a Saddle Seat with her legs well under the rim and arms resting on the extra-wide rim the midwife is supported and in balance.

She is able to be present for the mother safeguarded from risk of injury.


Active Birth Pools take the experience of the partner into account by enabling them to be comfortable and relaxed around the pool as they support the mother.


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