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Tutorial No. 116: Safety, comfort & support

Blog: 7.02.2017

I’ve looked at and considered the way midwives interact with water birth pools for decades.

I understand their needs and have designed my birth pools to be incredibly user friendly, safe & supportive.


This image of  the mother & midwife inter-relating with the pool & each other show:

  • How relaxed & comfortable they are
  • How user-friendly the water birth pool is
  • How the pool allows them to instinctively determine the position thats best

We’ve utilised dynamic, evidence based ergonomic design principles to produce water birth pools that are a quantum leap forward from every prospective.

Her legs and feet are tucked well under the wide rim and concave surround.

Its instinctive  – its common-sense.

She is in balance, able to carry out her role effectively & safeguarded from risk of strain or injury

Midwives find my pools extremely comfortable & instinctive to work with.


Active Birth Pools take the experience of the partner into account by enabling them to be comfortable and relaxed around the pool as they support the mother.


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