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Tutorial No. 117: Optimised performance – minimised risk

Blog: 7.02.2017

An incomparable combination of design, materials & manufacturing


The form is based on organic shapes to make the pool more approachable psychologically and help the mother relax and be comforted


The breakthrough ergonomic design safeguards mothers and midwives and provides unparalleled intimacy, comfort and support


The mother has complete freedom of movement and is fully supported in the positions natural to labour and birth


Designed with midwives firmly in mind

Midwives experience better results and a higher rate of job satisfaction

With her arms resting comfortably on the rim she is able to work closely safeguarded from the risk of back pain often associated with birth pools


The unique Labour Support Seat encourages mothers to lean forward helping the pelvis open and a physiological labour unfold

The deep, central groove allows the sacrum to move freely and not exert pressure upon the birth canal


Midwives have safe, practical options for monitoring and evacuating the mother from the pool in case of an emergency


With the help of our single step mothers can position themselves on the rim and easily swivel into the pool

Active Birth Pool Birth Centre Royal London Hospital

Handmade to order in Ficore®, a proprietary composite resin of exceptional qualities unique to Active Birth Pools

Guaranteed for 20 years


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