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Uniquely qualified to be of service

Blog: 12.01.2017

If you’re looking for a water birth pool for your birth centre or maternity unit we’re uniquely qualified to be of service.

We helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by designing the water birth pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.



Since 1987 we’ve supplied 1,000’s of water birth pools to hospitals worldwide & worked closely with clients and manufacturers to evolve & improve our capabilities.

This has given us an unrivalled wealth of experience in providing birthing pools of exceptional quality that increase the possibility of physiological labour & natural birth.



Active Birth Pools are optimised for better results.

By this we mean greater likelihood of non-medicalised birth and well-being of midwives.


To achieve this we’ve developed a highly specialised approach we refer to as ‘Physiological Design’.

  • Physiological design embraces ergonomic and evidence based design, and applies them to the dynamics of labour to optimise outcomes.
  • Ergonomics takes into account the relationship between people and the products that they use to maximise productivity and increase safety & comfort.
  • Evidence-Based Design relies on research to design products that enhance the quality of care and positively affect results.

Simply put – form follows function.



We’ve considered how mothers & midwives physically relate to and interact with the pool and originated innovative principles to design for the dynamic at play.

Mothers move freely to explore the most advantageous positions and take full advantage of the benefits that a deep pool of water provides.

Midwives are more comfortable, report better results and experience greater job satisfaction.




The combination of innovative, intelligent design with superior materials and bespoke manufacturing results in water birth pools of unrivalled  quality.

Active birth Pools have a lifespan of 25+ years and are backed by a 20 year guarantee.















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