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Venus Water Birth Pool in the Birthing Unit @ Llandrindod Wells Hospital

Blog: 8.02.2017

This just in….


Another lovely birthing environment!

The mid-size Venus Pool’s design heritage stems from the proven principles we developed in the 80’s and takes them to new levels of excellence with seamless construction in Ficore® composite.

An understanding of physiological design, manufacture and safety has enabled us to optimise the pool to benefit & safeguard midwives and mothers.

This highly successful mid-size pool incorporates important features such as a labour support seat, extra-wide rim, recessed handrails and sculpted skirting panels.


Midwives and mothers and experience unparalleled closeness, comfort and support.

There’s plenty of room to move and find the most comfortable positions while benefitting from the warmth and buoyancy of the water.


Supreme support in the upright postures proven most beneficial for labour and birth.

Partners sit close by in comfort to share the momentous event and be there with physical and emotional support when the going gets rough.


Seamless one-piece construction in Ficore® composite results in a finely sculpted pool of superior quality that is guaranteed for 20 years.


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