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K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

We are often asked why we do not supply multi-step units with safety rails like other companies do with their pools.

The answer is simple – they are not needed and in our estimation present a significant safety and manual handling risk!

The Venus 360 with extra-wide wrap around rim, step unit and grab rail

Other pools are higher and have narrow rims which makes it difficult for mothers to enter the pool without a step unit.

When we discuss the issue with manual handling experts they strongly advise against the use of multi-step units as they present critical safety risks.

They say that, “to have mothers in strong labour climb up, step over the rim, and down onto a submerged platform in the pool is not safe or practical.

In addition these step units take up too much space, obstruct movement around the pool and are a trip hazard.

The extra-wide rim and step unit make easy and safe for mothers to get in and out of our water birth pools.

Provision of a compact, single step gives the mother a height advantage.

She can step up – sit on the extra-wide rim and swivel into the water.

There is no climbing – she is grounded at all times and safeguarded from risk.

To put this in perspective:

The average height of our pools is 75cm – about the same height as your dining table.

With 15cm high step unit that we provide the relative height of the pool is 60cm – about the same height as an ordinary bathtub.

You don’t think about needing a multiple step unit to get into your bath at home. Why should labouring women be exposed to risks that climbing up a step unit exposes them to when they don’t have to?

The maths: 

  • When we looked at the dynamics at play we focussed on shorter women of average height don’t even need the step!
  • A women 150cm (4’11”) tall has an inseam of about 68cm (27″).
  • The step is 15cm (6″)high. The rim is 75cm (29.5″)
  • Standing on the step she is has inner leg height of 83cm (33″) and can easily sit down on the rim and swivel in.

We’ve posted a short video on YouTube showing  just how easy it is for mothers to get into our water birth pools –please have a look










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