A visit to the Lotus Birth Centre at the Royal London Hospital

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 10.04.2019

The midwife-led Lotus Birth Centre has been built in response to demands by local women. It provides a home from home environment and is intended for low-risk women with the focus on more natural births with midwife-led care and less intervention.

Importantly, because the centre is in the heart of the Royal London Hospital our skilled obstetric and anaesthetic staff will only be a few floors away if our patients need them.

The centre is managed by our Community Manager, Lisa Greene and run by a core staff of midwives together with the community integrated team midwives which will help improve continuity for women living in Tower Hamlets. They are supported by our consultant midwife for normalising birth Mary Olusile.

I am proud that the centre has developed from what local women told us they wanted. We are providing women with the safe, compassionate care with the relaxed birthing experience they asked for and right on their doorstep where they wanted it.
Lisa Greene, manager of the Lotus birth centre

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