Active Birth Pools and Febromed now working together

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 06.03.2019

Active Birth Pools (UK) and Febromed (DE) are pleased to announce that they are now working together to develop new water birth pools and diversify their product ranges.

Active Birth Pools – widely regarded as the world’s leading designer of water birth pools helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by supplying the pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.

Febromed – Europe’s leading delivery-room specialist produces a range of innovative birthing aids and equipment that support mothers in the postures that are natural to labour and birth.

With over 55 years experience between them Active Birth Pools and Febromed have more experience in the design and manufacture of birthing pools and delivery room equipment than anyone else in the business.

They are co-operating across a range of projects that include:

1) The development of a range of freestanding water birth pools.

Based upon Active Birth Pools award winning designs the new pools will feature Febromed’s state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

2) Febromed will be acting as exclusive distributor for Active Birth Pools range of water birth pools throughout the EEC

3) Active Birth Pools will be acting as exclusive distributor for Febromed’s range of delivery room aids and equipment

Active Birth Pools and Febromed share the same ethos for quality, value and performance and a passion for creating better birthing environments that improve the quality of care and increase the potential for natural, active births.

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