Active Birth Pools: Long-Term Value and Sustainability

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 29.12.2022

Active Birth Pools deliver superior value, better results and unrivalled long term satisfaction.

They outperform all others all others in the market in terms of safety, hygiene and end user satisfaction.

Our water birth pools are built to last for decades and guaranteed for life.

hospital birth pools client list

Midwives at the Royal Berkshire Hospital celebrate the 25th anniversary of their water birth facility.
This early model supplied in 1992 is still going strong.

Other birthing pools have a life span of 7-10 years and are not guaranteed for life.

Over time they’ll cost far more as you’ll end up replacing them 3 – 4 times before you need to think about replacing an Active Birth Pool.

This yields significant savings  – up to £20,000 over the life of the pool!

And, you’ll also not have to experience the disruption, disturbance and additional cost that refurbishment brings.

Midwives at the `Bronte Birth Centre celebrate the opening of their water birth facility in their new Venus Pool

As our water birth pools have such a long life span you will not need to think about replacing them for 25 years or more.

Along with the cost of replacing the birthing pools you’ll need to consider the amount of waste material that will be generated by refurbishing the room and the impact its disposal will have on the environment.

Active Birth Pools are also easier to maintain (less chemicals) and more energy efficient (less hot water) which results in additional savings on labour, energy and materials.

When taken together as whole all of these factors demonstrate why Active Birth Pools are the most sustainable on the market -by far!

The use of water for labour and birth is often promoted as a means of empowering women and is consistent with the current agenda of normalising birth

When an Active Birth Pool is installed in a maternity unit it becomes the focus of attention. Mothers have been known to choose a unit with one of our pools over units that have competitors pools.

Midwives tell us that our pools are fab and a pleasure to use. They say that Active Birth Pools are the most comfortable and safest to work with.

When compared to other birthing pools mothers who use our birthing pools have a  greater possibility of experiencing physiological labour and natural birth.

Hospitals report that mothers who use our pools have easier, more straightforward births and  spend less time in hospital which translates into savings both economically and environmentally.

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