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Blog: 08.03.2022

July 2022

New study confirms that Water birth provide “clear benefits” for healthy mums and their newborn 

Amazing response in the news to publication of this study!!!


March 2022

New midwifery research and studies

Water birth in Sweden – a comparative study

Waterbirth in low-risk pregnancy: An exploration of women’s experiences

Water birth: a national retrospective cohort study of factors associated with its use among women in England

A systematic meta-thematic synthesis to examine the views and experiences of women following water immersion during labour and waterbirth

The perceptions and experiences of women who achieved and did not achieve a water birth

Midwives’ experience of their education, knowledge and practice around immersion in water for labour or birth

Factors influencing water immersion during labour: qualitative case studies of six maternity units in the United Kingdom

Labouring women who used a birthing pool in obsteric units in Italy: prospective observational study

An economic evaluation of water birth

February 2022

The Active II Water Birth Pool – innovative design makes our pools safer and more user-friendly 

Launch of the revolutionary Venus II Water Birth Pool

These pools are the same width as the original models but slightly longer and marginally more expensive.

Space and budget permitting I suggest you consider the Active and Venus II Water Birth Pools as your first choice.

They are game changers that make a real difference to the experience of all concerned.

January 2022

Launch of Resource and Educational Centre

A comprehensive collection of publications covering all aspects of water birth, design, build and setting up of a water birth facilities. A one of a kind resource that is the product of our 35 years of dedication to serving the needs of mothers and midwives.


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December 2021

Active Birth Pool installed to create water birth facility in the Midriff Hospital in Dubai.

November 2021

“Freedom of Movement” now has over 11,000,000 views on YouTube

The simple, short video shows how mothers instinctively relate to our pools and move naturally to find the most comfortable, supportive and beneficial positions. Watch on YouTube



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