Active Birth Pools: specially designed water birth pools for hospitals and birth centres

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 17.12.2010

Water birth pools designed with the well-being of midwives and mothers foremost in mind

Features that set Active Birth Pools apart from the rest of the hospital birthing pools

  1. Extra wide rims make entering the pool safe and simple and are incredibly comfortable to lean on
  2. Optimum space, depth and support for complete freedom of movment
  3. Multi-colour LED lighting system
  4. Seamless one-piece construction in specialised materials to negate infection control risks
  5. Recessed handrails provide dynamic support in upright postures and help make squatting easier
  6. Bull-nosed shaped lip provides firm hand-hold all around the pool
  7. Fabricated in Ficore – a specialised material with superior properties unique to Active Birth Pools
  8. Water Birth Pools that are built to last for decades and guaranteed for life
  9. Integral bluetooth sound system allows mothers to connect with their phones and play the music of their choice
  10. Safety seat provides dynamic support in upright postures and is ideal for monitoring and emergency evacuations
  11. Seamless one-piece construction guarantees hygiene standards are easily met and maintained
  12. Superior heat retention – average heat loss only .7 degree and hour
  13. Purpose designed top quality drainage system that has passed all infection control inspections
  14. Pools made from Ficore are less slippery than pools made from fibreglass or acryllic
  15. Labour support seat encourages optimal position, provides support for upright positions and gives mothers a place to rest and welcome their baby
  16. The sculpted skirting panels hugs the outside of the polio create plenty of space under the rim for midwives to work closely in comfort
  17. Potable hoist compatible

Water birth pools that optimise hospital resources and guarantee highest levels of safety, value and performance

Mothers love the freedom of movement, comfort and support that our water birth pools provide


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