Active Birth Pools Unveils Revolutionary Water Birth Pool with Unmatched Features

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 13.09.2016

Keith Brainin, the visionary founder and director of Active Birth Pools, renowned as the global leader in water birth pool design and supply, is thrilled to introduce the innovative “Active Birth Pool.” This groundbreaking birth pool represents a quantum leap forward in terms of design, engineering, and manufacturing, promising exceptional benefits for both mothers and midwives while offering hospitals an outstanding lifetime value.

Brainin and his dedicated team embarked on an exhaustive journey to create a water birth pool that excels in beauty, quality, functionality, and durability. Remarkably, this pool comes with an extraordinary lifetime guarantee. The driving force behind the pool’s development was the consideration of how mothers and midwives would engage with it, emphasizing ergonomic principles to optimize their interaction and dynamics during childbirth.

In this reimagined birth pool, mothers enjoy ample space for unrestricted and comfortable movement, aligning seamlessly with the natural postures of physiological labor and birth. A standout feature of the Active Birth Pool is its signature extra-wide rims, boasting broad “bull-nosed” shaped edges that gracefully extend into the skirting panel and reach the floor.

This design allows mothers to lean forward comfortably, a position known to be both natural and effective during labor. Moreover, it ensures secure and stable support for women entering and exiting the pool, as well as for midwives and partners assisting the mother. Ingeniously, handrails integrated into the rim profile provide additional support for mothers in upright positions, contributing to their comfort and safety.

Notably, the pool addresses the critical issue of emergency evacuation by incorporating features that offer midwives several compliant options in line with Health & Safety and Manual Handling regulations.

Two distinctive features of the new Active Birth Pool are the Labor Support and Safety Seats:

  1. The physiologically designed labor support seat has been proven to facilitate the opening of the mother’s pelvis and birth canal in preparation for a natural, physiological birth.
  2. The rim-level safety seat, with its ample and comfortable platform, allows the mother to lean securely, serves as a safe means for emergency evacuation, and is ideal for midwives to monitor the mother without necessitating her departure from the pool.

What sets this birth pool apart is its unique seamless one-piece construction, featuring a deeply sculpted concave skirting panel that accommodates midwives’ comfort, enabling them to work effectively with their legs positioned comfortably beneath the pool.

Crafted from Ficore® composite, a proprietary material specially developed for baths, the new Active Birth Pool mitigates the problems associated with other materials. Notably, Ficore is 50% harder than traditional acrylic and fiberglass materials commonly used in birth pools and highly resistant to chemicals. Despite its surface’s rigidity and hardness, it offers a remarkably smooth, tactile, and warm feel.

Thanks to its exceptional insulation properties, the Active Birth Pool maintains its temperature up to six times longer than standard acrylic or fiberglass birth pools.

To provide women with control, customization, and a personal touch in the delivery room, the pool offers multi-color chromotherapy LED lighting and integral Bluetooth sound. This system can display a single color or cycle through a succession of seven different hues. The ingenious Integral Bluetooth Sound System allows the mother to wirelessly connect her phone and enjoy her chosen music through two integral speakers, transforming the birth pool into a refined audio loudspeaker.

Upon closer inspection, the Active Birth Pool reveals its superior finish and signature design elements, showcasing the high-quality components, including the drainage system, support structure, access panel fittings, lighting system, handrails, and metalwork.

If you are seeking a water birth pool for your maternity unit, the new Active Birth Pool stands as an unparalleled choice. Handmade and custom-built to order by a team with a combined 90 years of experience in high-end bath design and production, this birth pool promises decades of service and invaluable support for mothers aiming for a natural birth.

Importantly, the Active Birth Pool complies with regulations set forth by the Department of Health and adheres to the guidelines of the Water Birth Safety Initiative. Active Birth Pools, with 37 years of experience, have been instrumental in pioneering the use of water for labor and birth, working closely with midwives, engineers, and manufacturers to reshape the landscape of maternity care. Their passion and expertise are evident in the remarkable new Active Birth Pool, which promises to redefine the birthing experience for mothers and midwives alike.

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