Built to last for decades

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

Our customers receive extra-ordinary long-term life cycle value.

Value that’s comprehensive in scope and places priority on results, safety and quality of care.

Our water birth pools outperform all others on the market.

They are built to last for decades and guaranteed for life.

Water Birth Pools that we supplied in the  80’s are still in active use today.

Our new pools are in a class of their own and widely regarded as a quantum leap forward in every respect.

Below – the Venus Pool circa. 1992 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital


Though it’s 25 years old the pool still looks great with years of service ahead.

You can plainly see that this is the precursor to todays state-of-the pool.

The overall shape and size are pretty much the same, but the design and manufacture are now much more sophisticated and refined.

Below – the Venus Pool circa. 2017 at Pinderfields Hospital


A combination of advanced ergonomic design, superior materials and high-end manufacturing methods have resulted in todays Active Birth Pools – truly in a class of their own.

Below – the Venus Pool with multi-colour LED lighting at the award winning Meadow Birth Centre

Comprehensive long-term life cycle value guaranteed:

  • Mothers have a better experience of labour & birth
  • Midwives are safeguarded from risk and enjoy higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Hospitals optimise resources and save money









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