Features that set our pools apart

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

Over the past 35 years we have supplied 1,000’s of water birth pools to hospitals world-wide.

We have worked closely with end users and industry experts to continually develop and improve our capabilities.

This unrivalled wealth of experience enables us to design water birth pools of superior quality that are acknowledged as the industry standard.

Our approach is fuelled by a passion for optimising safety and performance.

As a result of advances in design, materials and manufacture our water birth pools have evolved to the point where they are in a class all their own.

Our innovative approach to design results in pools that are highly functional and appealing from both a psychological and physical perspective.

The curvaceous forms allow midwives and mothers to interact intuitively with each other and the pool.

Thanks to the unique properties of Ficore® – we have been able to realise highly durable pools with sophisticated designs that place us at the top of the market.

A defining feature and key to our success is the extra-wide, round rim that flows around our pools.

The bullnose shape rim flows over and down hugging the form of the pool  to the floor in one seamless piece of ultra-high grade composite resin.

Distinctive features set our pools apart and make them most comfortable, practical, safe and user-friendly available.

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