Form is based on function

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 26.10.2017

Form is based on function and pared down to the essence of aesthetic utility.

Design is based upon the dynamics of mothers & midwives as they interact with the pool and each other.

Every shape, every curve, every varying degree of rounded corners…

there is a reason behind them.

Active Birth Pools encourage mothers to move freely & naturally.

They instinctively find the best positions and discover that the pool provides constant comfort & support wherever they are.

Complete freedom of movement coupled with the relaxing effects of warm water and release of oxytocin significantly increases the possibility for mothers to experience physiological labour.

Active Birth Pools are made from a unique material called FICORE® composite.

Ficore is far superior to acrylic & fibreglass, the materials commonly used to produce water birth pools.


Fabrication in Ficore gives our pools an ultra-smooth, highly polished finish that’s tactile & warm to the touch.

It’s unique properties allow us to sculpt complex, curvaceous forms that make our pools incredibly comfortable, appealing, practical & easy to use.


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