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K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 14.05.2017

Our approach has always been fuelled by a passion for optimising safety & performance.

As a result of advances in design, materials & manufacture our water birth pools have evolved to the point where they are in a class all their own.

We are passionate about helping mothers have the best possible experience of labour & birth.

Optimised for Performance

When we speak about performance in relation to a water birth pool we look at:

  • Material – the material a water birth pool is made from is key to its success – Active Birth Pools are made from a unique material called Ficore composite that is far superior to the materials used by our competitors.
  • Heat Retention – thanks to the incredibly dense molecular structure of Ficore and one-piece double wall construction our pools maintain their heat up 7 x longer.
  • Adhesion – though supper smooth, the finish of our pools has ultra-high adhesive properties which make them much less slippery than pools made from other materials.
  • Design – we have thought of everything – mothers & midwives interact with our pools instinctively secure in the knowledge that all of their needs have been considered.

We are driven by results.

We’re pleased to hear that end users report a higher percentage of physiological labours & water births.

We’re delighted when health and safety experts scrutinise our pools and tell has that we’ve thought of everything and give the midwives the go-ahead to use them.

We are sticklers for Health and Safety

We have always been driven to satisfy health & safety and infection control standards.

The extra-wide, rounded rim is key to the success of our water birth pools.

This distinctive feature sets our pools apart and makes them the safest, most comfortable, practical & user-friendly available.

This unique feature together with concave surround that flows down, under the rim makes the critical difference between our pools and others on the market.

This innovative approach to design is made possible because of the remarkable qualities of Ficore® – the proprietary material we fabricate our pools from.

Our pools have skirting panels that hug the form of the pool & flow down to the floor in one seamless piece.

Seated  with her legs tucked well under the pool and arms resting on the wide rim the midwife attends the mother in comfort.


The wrap-around rim provides mothers with amazing support.

With firm, solid support at their finger tips, mothers can benefit from postures that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to assume.


Handmade to order in England

Built to last for decades.

Guaranteed for  life.







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