Our award-winning birth tubs have been top of the market for over 35 years!

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 11.02.2012

Our award-winning birthing pools have been top of the market for over 35 years!

They provide unparalleled hygiene and safety, unbeatable value, better results and superior performance.

They are made by hand to order in England, built to last for decades and guaranteed for life.

“The pinnacle of water birth pool design and development. 
An incomparable combination of design, materials and manufacturing” 
Building Better Healthcare Awards

We helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by designing the pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.

Since 1987 we’ve supplied thousands of birth tubs to hospitals around the world and established a reputation for quality and service.

Mothers and midwives love our birth baths because they are incredibly comfortable, practical and easy to use.

Hospitals buy our tubs because they deliver superior performance, unparalleled safety and unbeatable value.

We’ve achieved success by continuously innovating, keeping things simple and focusing on our core principles of safety, value and performance.

Our unrivalled knowledge and wealth of experience enable us to provide birthing tubs that minimise risk, optimise results and maximise value.

The judges said that, “The combination of evidence based, user-centred,
ergonomic design, specialised materials and bespoke manufacturing
had resulted in water birth pools that were truly in a class of their own”

Active Birth Pools are handmade to order by highly skilled craftsmen in England and shipped world-wide.

They are fabricated in a proprietary material called Ficore®, a composite resin with extra-ordinary properties.

This short, simple video has garnered close to 12,000,000 views on YouTube.
It shows how mothers relate instinctively to our tubs and move
naturally to find the most comfortable and beneficial positions.

To find out more abut our award winning birthing tubs please click here.

If you are in the United States or Canada and would like more information or to receive a quote please contact Tim Johnson-Grass of Active Birth Pools USA.





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