Our new birthing pools are a game changer

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

If you look at our new Active II and Venus II water birth pools you’ll notice a distinctive “keyhole” shaped channel cut out of the rim.

Over the past 7 years this proprietary feature has been trialed in the Princess Pool and has proved such a success that we’ve upgraded the Active and Venus pools to incorporate it.

The “keyhole” shaped channel contains the plumbing.

The spout is positioned centrally above the cut out and the drain is fixed at the bottom of the channel.

The mother is protected from the risk of hitting her head on the spout (a common occurrence) or coming in contact with hot water.

The interior of the pool is opened up giving mothers 360 degrees of unobstructed movement.

They can now use the whole pool any way they want to and will find comfort and support wherever they are.

The bull-nose shaped rim and integral grab rails provide firm hand holds for added support all around the pool.

The flange meeting the wall has been narrowed to give midwives greater access to mothers.

In fact, these pools give midwives the same amount of access as a freestanding pool (which has plumbing that obstructs a section of the rim).

Our Active and Venus Model II birthing pools make much more sense then freestanding pools.

You can run plumbing and electrical services through the wall (more economical) and use it to contain ancillary services, and for storage of equipment and personnel items.

Both models now feature extra wide rims around the back that are more appealing from an aesthetic perspective and more functional from a utilitarian standpoint.

These pools are easier to work with and give midwives more options.

They will be able to sit more comfortably with their legs underneath the rim and have more room to manoeuvre.

These pools are the same width as the original models but slightly longer and marginally more expensive.

Space and budget permitting I suggest you consider the Active and Venus II Water Birth Pools as your first choice.

They are game changers that make a real difference to the experience of all concerned.


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