Active Birth Pool

Winner - Building Better Healthcare Awards

Judges at the Building Better Health Awards said,
“That the Active Birth Pool is an incomparable combination of intelligent design,
superior materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The judges found the Active Birth Pool very appealing and praised that all aspects of design, engineering and manufacture had been focused on to develop a water birth pool of unparalleled beauty, quality, functionality and durability.

They said that foremost consideration had been given to how mothers and midwives relate to and interact with the pool and how ergonomic principles had been employed to design for the interaction and dynamic at play.

Mothers have the space to move freely and comfortably and are supported in the postures natural to labour and birth. They move instinctively to find the positions that are most comfortable and beneficial.

The distinctive extra-wide rims that curve over and flow down the outside side of the pool are shaped and contoured to maximise comfort and support for mothers and midwives.

The wide flat rim allows mothers to lean forward, resting on their forearms in comfort – one of the most natural and effective positions during labour.

It provides secure, safe, stable support for women to enter and leave the pool and for midwives and partners to lean or rest on while attending the mother.

The handrails, which are set into the profile of the rim and sealed into the body of the pool to prevent bacteria propagating, provide perfect support for mothers in upright positions


The distinctive rim level safety seat provides a wide comfortable platform for the mother to lean on, a safe means for emergency evacuation and is ideal for monitoring without mothers having to leave the pool.

The Active Birth Pool is fabricated in Ficore®, a proprietary material developed to negate the risk of problems associated with other materials. When compared with fibreglass or acrylic it’s is less slippery, more durable and resistant to corrosive cleaning agents.

Despite the rigidity and hardness of the surface it is extremely smooth, tactile and warm to the touch. Its high insulation factor enables the Active Birth Pool to maintain temperature up to 7 x  longer than other water birth pools.

When you examine the new Active Birth Pool you’ll immediately notice the superior finish and signature design elements. Look a little closer and the quality of the components such as the drainage system, the support structure that underpins the pool, the fittings on the access panel, the lighting system, handrails and metal work becomes apparent.

Handmade and custom built to order in England by a team with over 95 years experience in the fabrication of high-end baths the Active Birth Pool is guaranteed to provide decades of service and high end user satisfaction.  If you’re looking for a water birth pool the incomparable Active Birth Pool should be your first choice.

“The pinnacle of water birth pool design and development.
An incomparable combination of design, materials and manufacturing”
Building Better Healthcare Awards

The Active Birth Pool can be supplied  with Multi-Colour LED lighting and Integral Bluetooth Sound that allow mothers to control the ambiance of the room to create the most conducive atmosphere for birth.

We know that we offer unbeatable service, safety, value and performance, and that mothers and midwives will love our beautiful birthing pools. But, please don’t take our word for it: See what our clients and associates have to say…


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