The Venus Birth Pool

Purity of design combines with superior materials to produce
a highly versatile water birth pool of unparalleled quality.

Innovative design and fabrication in Ficore® takes the pool we developed in the 1980’s to new levels of excellence.



Mothers and midwives move and interact instinctively to find the most comfortable and beneficial positions.

The pool allows the partner to sit comfortably close the mother to provide both physical and emotional support.


The extra-wide wrap around rim and hand rails provide perfect support for mothers as they move and find the best positions.


Thank you, our new Venus Pool is stunning!
It’s incredibly comfortable and easy to use.

– Jan Butler, Consultant Midwife, SoM, Rosie Hospital, Robinson Way, Cambridge

We’ve made getting in and out of our pools simple and safe. Mothers just sit on the extra-wide rim and slowly swivel round into the water.

This specially moulded seat provides support for upright postures and a safe, practical way to effect emergency evacuation.

Multi-colour LED lighting and integral bluetooth sound allow you personalise
the ambiance of the room to make it more conducive for physiological labour.

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