"The pinnacle of water birth pool design and development.
An incomparable combination of design, materials and manufacturing"
Building Better Healthcare Awards

Established in 1987 – our new water birth pools are a quantum leap forward in every respect.

We combine innovative design, specialised materials and
inventive manufacturing to produce water birth pools that are in a class of their own.

Mothers and midwives love our pools because they are incredibly comfortable and user-friendly.

Hospitals choose Active Birth Pools because they are safe, built to last for decades and guaranteed for life.

“Not only are they gloriously spacious and inviting, they are made to the
highest specifications and considerations to maximise comfort and safety.

In short, they are second to none!”

Sheena Byrom Honorary, Fellow - RCM, Honorary Doctorate - Bournemouth University, Midwife Speaker Author

We’ve achieved success by continuously innovating, keeping things simple and focusing on our core principles of safety, value and performance.

Our unique understanding and long term dedication to serving the needs of mothers and midwives makes us uniquely qualified to be of service.

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