Terms and Conditions

Other than the statements made in Active Birth Pools Ltd Literature, no warranty is expressed or implied as the suitability of any product for any purpose. Purchasers must satisfy themselves on this point.

Acceptance of Orders

Orders are accepted subject to the terms of business of Active Birth Pools Ltd.


Quotes are valid for 1 year from the date of issue and subject to change in accordance with cost increases after this period.

Terms of Payment


Carriage and packing will be charged at cost.

For land-based UK deliveries our water birth pools are wrapped in protective packaging and placed in purpose made double walled corrugated cardboard boxes and transported by reputable national fragile goods carriers.

Delivery is to the Receipt and Distribution point only.

Deliveries are quoted for and scheduled on a week commencing basis.

If a timed delivery is required please advise us and we will quote and arrange accordingly.

For international and UK deliveries that involve a water crossing our water birth pools are wrapped in protective packaging and placed in timber framed crates with plywood sides that conform to ISPM15 and are stamped accordingly.

International deliveries are quoted for as shipment by sea and cover collection from our factory, all paperwork and delivery to nearest port by sea.

Clients are responsible for clearing the consignment through customs, import charges (if applicable) and local delivery.

Unless we are given specific instructions we select the manner and route of shipment.

Damage or Loss in Transit

Any claim made concerning damage or shortages must be made in writing to us within 3 days of delivery of the goods.

Any claim for non-delivery must be made in writing to us within 14 days from the date of our invoice.

Original packaging must be retained.

Retention of Title

Not withstanding that delivery of the goods has been made they remain the property of Active Birth Pools Ltd. until payment is made in full.

Time of Delivery

Every effort will be made to adhere to delivery times.

However, no liability can be accepted for any losses incurred by the purchaser for a failure to deliver within the stated period.

Delays shall not entitle the purchaser to cancel the order nor to claim damages.

Specifications & Descriptions

Technical data, dimensions, weights and illustrations are typical and not binding.

Active Birth Pools Ltd reserves the right to improve or amend any product without notice.


Lifetime Guarantee

Active Birth Pools guarantees that its water birth pools are fit for the purpose intended in their design, conform to the current relevant published specification, and are free of defects in workmanship or materials.

A water birth pool supplied by Active Birth Pools, and built from Ficore ® composite carries a lifetime guarantee against structural failure, loss of rigidity, leakage, and surface breakdown.

In the unlikely event of any of these faults occurring Active Birth Pools will undertake, after proof of purchase, inspection and analysis, to either exchange the faulty product for a new product of the same specification, or, at the Active Birth Pools option, if the fault is minor, to repair and refurbish at its expense.

Active Birth Pools will not accept liability for any consequential loss.

This guarantee does not cover the following:

Multi-colour LED Lighting, Bluetooth Sound  and Drainage Systems

The lighting, sound and drainage systems are covered by the manufacturers guarantee of 1 year.

If there is a fault we guarantee to repair or replace the system free of charge provided that the fault is not due to damage or tampering.

After 1 year we guarantee to replace parts at cost and provide remote service/advice free of charge.

Active Birth Pools judgement on cause is final.

Important Update

Hospitals worldwide are starting to use Copper / Silver orca disinfection systems in an effort to combat bacterial issues and improve water safety.

We have discovered that there is great potential for staining with the Copper / Silver orca disinfection system

Copper-silver ionization systems introduce trace amounts of copper into the pool water.

In some cases, exposure to elevated copper levels can lead to staining of the sanitary ware and other surfaces, such as walls, floors, or fixtures.

This study goes into great detail – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7384302/

Please note that staining caused by these systems is NOT covered by our guarantee.

If your hospital is using one of these water treatment systems we suggest that you contact the department responsible for water safety as regular monitoring and appropriate copper levels are essential to mitigate the risk of staining.



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