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Blog: 27.12.2023

Active Birth Pools, established in 1987, has a rich history of pioneering and revolutionizing the use of water for labor and birth.

With a focus on safety, value, and performance, Active Birth Pools has become the leading choice for midwives and hospitals worldwide.

This article delves into why Active Birth Pools stands out in the market, drawing insights from the company’s high-resolution catalog, brochure, and other valuable resources.

Superior Design and Ergonomics

Active Birth Pools has continuously evolved its designs in collaboration with midwives, mothers, obstetricians, and health and safety experts.

This collaborative approach led to the world’s first specially designed hospital-grade water birth pool.

The pools feature ergonomic designs that prioritize the comfort of both mothers and midwives.

For example, the pools offer a wide rim for midwives to rest their arms and legs comfortably, akin to sitting at a desk.

Mothers benefit from various supported positions, including sitting, kneeling, and squatting, thanks to the pool’s shaped edges.

Material Quality and Durability

The pools are crafted from Ficore®, a proprietary material with unique qualities, making them more durable, practical, and safer compared to other materials.

Ficore® pools exhibit superior heat retention, reducing heat loss to only 0.7 degrees per hour, which is highly beneficial during prolonged labor.

Additionally, the material is resistant to bacteria, cleaning agents, and harsh disinfectants, ensuring high standards of hygiene and safety.

Safety and Hygiene

Active Birth Pools’ design minimizes the risk of injuries with features like slip resistance and less slippery surfaces.

The one-piece construction of Ficore® enhances water safety and hygiene by preventing bacteria growth environments.

Also, seamless construction and smooth surfaces eliminate “dirt traps” and facilitate more effective cleaning and maintenance.

Comfort and Support

Active Birth Pools’ designs are centered around comfort and support for mothers.

The buoyancy of water in the pools supports the mother’s body weight, allowing for relaxation and ease during labor.

This buoyancy also makes it easier for mothers to adopt and shift between upright or squatting positions, which are known to be beneficial during labor.

Positive Feedback and Endorsements

The company has received numerous positive testimonials from midwives, healthcare professionals, and mothers.

These testimonials highlight the pools’ comfort, ease of use, safety, and practicality.

Such endorsements are a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Innovative Features

Active Birth Pools has integrated modern features like multi-color LED lighting and Bluetooth sound systems in their pools.

These features create a conducive atmosphere for physiological labor and natural birth, enhancing the overall birthing experience.

Longevity and Sustainability

A significant advantage of Active Birth Pools is their durability and sustainability.

Pools made from Ficore® have a life expectancy exceeding 25 years, making them a more sustainable option compared to other water birth pools with shorter lifespans.


Active Birth Pools stands as a prime choice for midwives and hospitals due to its dedication to quality, safety, and innovation.

The company’s approach to ergonomic design, coupled with the use of superior materials and attention to user feedback, positions it as a leader in the water birth pool market.

With their pools, hospitals and birthing centers can offer a safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable birthing environment, leading to better outcomes for both mothers and midwives.

Active Birth Pools: Sustainability Report

Winner – Building Better Healthcare Awards

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