Safety first – critical health and safety issues you must consider before choosing a water birth pool

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 19.03.2024

We are acutely aware of the health and safety risks that are associated with water birth pools.

Back in the mid-80’s when we began to look at designing specialised pools for labour and birth we realised that if safety was not of the highest standard the use of water for labour and birth would not be possible.

Conversations we had with health and safety, infection control and manual handling professionals instilled a passion for safety  that has been there driving force behind every aspect of design, engineering, materials and manufacture.

In 2016, this ongoing dedication led us to publish the Water Birth Safety Initiative (MIDIRS 2016), marking a significant milestone in our quest to elevate safety standards across the globe for water births.

Our profound awareness of the potential health and safety challenges associated with water birth pools compelled us to innovate.

We introduced introduced a range of innovative features that not only mitigate risk but also amplify safety to the highest degree.

Before choosing a water birth pool we invite you to explore the information and guidelines presented in the articles below…

Water safety and infection control risks you should know about before choosing a birth pool

Manual handling risks associated with water birth pools

Superior material results in superior safety, value and performance

Water Birth Safety Initiative



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