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“The combination of evidence based, user-centred, ergonomic design, specialised materials
and bespoke manufacturing has resulted in water birth pools that are truly in a class of their own”.
Building Better Healthcare Awards

In the mid-80’s we worked closely with midwives, mothers, obstetricians, infection control and manual handling experts to develop the world’s first specially designed, hospital grade water birth pool.

Since then we’ve continued to evolve our designs, upgrade our materials and improve our capabilities to produce water birth pools that are safer and better meet the needs of mothers and midwives.

We are dedicated to providing intelligently designed birthing pools that deliver superior safety, value and performance in the most practical, cost-effective and sustainable way.

Our passion for design and quality, and abiding commitment to helping midwives, mothers and babies have a better experience of labour and birth define our approach.

We ‘ve considered the dynamics at play and employed evidence based,
user-centred ergonomic design principles to develop water birth pools that
are extremely comfortable, practical and easy-to-use.

The complex, sensuous forms make our pools very appealing both physically and psychologically.


Form is based on function and pared down to the essence of aesthetic utility.

There is a reason for every shape, every curve and every form.

“Even birth pools do not always permit free movement. Some pools are elaborate constructions with seats, handgrips and foot-rests. Movement in them is restricted, whereas Active Birth Pools allow mothers to move freely to find the most beneficial positions”  Sheila Kitzinger MBE – author and childbirth activist

” I consistently hear from moms how much they love your water birth pools!   The space and depth allow them to benefit fully from the buoyancy.   As a midwife, I love the fact that I can move around the pool and catch babies from any position.”  Rachel Stapleton – Midwife 25 years experience of water birth


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