Active II/360 Water Birth Pool

This large, luxurious water birth pool is the apotheosis of water birth pool development

Economic design combines with superior materials and bespoke
manufacturing to deliver unparalleled safety, value and performance

In response to requests for pools that can be installed away from the wall we’ve adapted our designs to develop the freestanding ‘360’ range of water birth pools.

Midwives are safeguarded from risk and can move around the pool in comfort with ease to attend the mother wherever she is.

The distinctive keyhole shaped channel in the back rim prevents mothers from hitting their heads on the taps.

The Water Column is fixed away from the pool to give mothers complete freedom of movement around the rim, and to separate the plumbing from the pool to optimise hygiene and water safety.

The wide rim, step unit and grab rail make it easy for mothers to get in and out of the pool. The column is the perfect height for midwives to rest and lean on and for mothers for support in standing positions.

The Active II/360 can be supplied with Multi-colour LED Lighting and Bluetooth Sound to personalise the ambiance of the room.

The extra-wide rim and single step unit make it exceptionally simple and safe for mothers to get into our pools.

Place your cursor on the 3D model above to move it around.


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