Princess II Water Birth Pool

Compact and perfectly formed this highly utilitarian water
birth pool is perfect for rooms where space is at a premium

Design innovations optimise space making the Princess Pool surprisingly spacious and comfortable.

There’s plenty of room for mothers to move and explore the range of positions natural to labour and birth.


The specially designed Labour Support Seat provides support in upright postures and a place for mothers to rest and welcome their baby.


The distinctive ‘keyhole’ shape channel contains the plumbing to improve water safety and prevents mothers from hitting their heads on the spout.

The rounded bull nose shape rim wraps around the pool giving mothers a firm handhold in whatever position they’re in.

Midwives and partners sit closely in comfort with their arms resting on the extra-wide rim and legs tucked well under the pool.

The extra-wide rim and single step unit make it exceptionally simple and safe for mothers to get into our pools.

The Princess II can be supplied with Multi-colour LED Lighting and Bluetooth Sound to personalise the ambiance of the room.

Place your cursor on the 3D model above to move it around.



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