Princess II Water Birth Pool

A highly utilitarian pool thats ideal for rooms where space is at a premium.

Though compact the Princess Pool is perfectly formed and surprisingly spacious.

If your room can’t accommodate the Active or Venus Water Birth Pools the Princess Pool at just 1600 x 1100mm is your answer.

The rounded, wrap-around rim gives mothers a firm hand hold for support in upright or resting positions.

The distinctive ‘keyhole’ shape channel on the rim was was developed to optimise space and open up the pool to 360 degrees of movement. Importantly –  it also prevents the mother from hitting her head on the spout.


The Labour Support Seat encourages birth canal open in preparation for a natural, physiological birth, provides support for upright postures and place for the mother to rest and welcome her baby.

Fabrication in Ficore® a composite resin unique to Active Birth Pools gives the pool a super smooth finish that’s tactile, warm to the touch and less slippery.

Though small this fully fledged Active Birth Pool has everything you need to facilitate labour and birth in water.

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Delivery, Installation, Cleaning and Care

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