The Princess Birth Pool

A surprisingly spacious pool thats ideal for rooms where space is at a premium

The Princess Pool may be small but it’s perfectly formed and surprisingly spacious.

The concave skirting panel and wide rim enable midwives to sit in complete comfort.

The bullnose shape rim wraps around the pool providing a firm handhold for mothers as they explore positions.

Fabrication in Ficore® enhances performance and durability, and gives our pools a super smooth finish that’s tactile and warm to the touch.

“We love your active birth pools so much that we have one in every room on our birth centre.”

– Jo Talbot, Chorley & Preston Birth Centre Manager, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

To optimise space we’ve done away with the seat and opted for a gently sloped sidewall with lumbar support.

Multi-colour LED lighting and integral bluetooth sound allow you personalise the ambiance of the room.

The Princess Pool shares most of the features illustrated here

The mid-size Venus Pool combines purity of design with superior materials to produce a highly versatile water birth pool.

The award winning, feature rich Active Birth Pool is widely regarded as the best water birth pool in the world.

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