Water Birth Pools

Judges at the Building Better Healthcare Awards said that,
“The combination of evidence based, user-centred, ergonomic design, specialised materials and bespoke manufacturing had resulted in water birth pools that were truly in a class of their own”

Our driving passion for design, quality and performance
has resulted in today’s award winning range of Water Birth Pools

Design is based upon the dynamics of mothers and midwives
as they interact with the pool and each other


Every shape, every curve, every varying degree of rounded corner has a reason behind them

“Your water birth pools have revolutionised birth”
Caitlin Wilson – Meadow Birth Centre

“Your pools are really beautiful, technically perfect and exceptionally easy to use.”
Dr Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho Midwife

Mothers have room to move naturally in comfort and explore instinctively to find the most beneficial and supportive positions.

Midwives say our pools are incredibly practical, comfortable and easy-to-use, they get better results and greater satisfaction.

“Beautiful pools, such a pleasure to use. Wonderful to see how they have developed. Thank you for all you have done  for women, over the last 35 years to make birth more comfortable and peaceful.”
Amanda Edwards – midwife,  teacher

“The best pools for the Birth Olympics hands down!  I’ve delivered and caught babies in your pool. They’re comfortable, provide stability, are simple to clean and midwife and dad friendly. Just a dream all the way around.” Alicia Witt BirthPros.com

We make our pools in a composite resin called Ficore® that is far superior to the materials used in the manufacture of other birthing pools.

Ficore’s unique properties enable us to sculpt complex, curvaceous forms that make our pools incredibly comfortable and appealing.

Our water birth pools are more heat efficient, less slippery, more  tactile and warm to the touch.

Ficore’s exceptional qualities make our pools more durable, more resistant to bacteria, safer and easier to maintain.

Active Birth Pools are hand-made to order by highly skilled craftsmen in England and delivered world-wide.

Our water birth pools provide decades of trouble free service and are so well built that we guarantee them for life.

The video below was made in 2015 when we began fabricating our birthing pools in Ficore® composite. Though slightly dated it still contains a plenitude of useful information and clearly conveys why mothers and midwives love our water birth pools.


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