Water Birth Pools

Our new water birth pools are a quantum leap forward in every respect

They set new standards for safety, value and performance

We’ve utilised evidence based, user-centred, ergonomic design principles
to develop water birth pools that provide the optimum environment for labour and birth.

“I’ve used Active Birth pools for over 17 years.
They’re really beautiful, technically perfect and exceptionally easy to use.”

Dr. Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho, Lecturer in Midwifery, NIHR Research Fellow

Design is based upon the dynamics of mothers and midwives as they interact with the pool and each other.

Every shape, every curve, every varying degree of rounded corner – there is a reason behind them.

Mothers enjoy complete freedom of movement and instinctively find the positions most comfortable and beneficial.

Midwives find our water birth pools incredibly practical, comfortable and easy-to-use.

You clearly have a tub that is far superior to all the tubs we have found,
not only for patient comfort, but also for provider convenience.

The Active Birth Pool would set Rush-Copley above all the other hospitals in the area.

Karen Werrbach, Director, Women's Health Institute Rush-Copley Medical Center

Ficore®, a composite resin unique to Active Birth Pools is far superior to the materials used in the manufacture of other birth pools.

It’s unique properties enable us to sculpt complex, curvaceous forms that make our pools incredibly comfortable, appealing and easy-to-use.

Fabrication in Ficore results in pools with greater heat retention, that are less slippery, more tactile and warm to the touch.

It’s superior qualities make our pools more resistant to bacteria, incredibly durable & long lasting, and easier to maintain.

”Your pools have revolutionised  birth”

Caitlin Wilson - Senior NHS Midwife

Active Birth Pools are hand-made to order by highly skilled craftsmen in England and delivered world-wide.

Our water birth pools provide decades of trouble free service and are so well built that we guarantee them for life.

If you’re looking for a water birth pool we’re uniquely qualified to be of service

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